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Fifth Town Grand Opening!

The Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Factory held its grand opening this past Saturday and Sunday. The festivities included a Wine and Cheese sampling, an art tour and a building tour. Francis led the 12 building tours and provided detailed explanations of the ground source heat loops and pump and explained how the system both heats and cools the building and the refrigerators. Francis also answered questions from the visitors regarding the rain water cistern, the constructed wetlands, the aging caves, the wind mill and solar panels and the 'green' building materials, both inside and out. Visitors could also take a guided tour of the sculptural art installation on the grounds. Seven artists completed several pieces of art with reclaimed and recycled construction materials, continuing the sustainable theme of the building. Carlyn Moulton of the Oeno Gallery, which curated the Art show, also provided the commentary. Over 700 people attended the festivities during the 2 days.

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