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Beaverbank Pavilion

Beaverbank, Nova Scotia

The Beaverbank project was conducted as part of an educational experiment with TUNS School of Architecture and NSCAD Ceramics, under the mentorship of Richard Kroeker and Neil Forrest, with Francis Lapointe as Site Coordinator. This project was made possible by Francis Lapointe's successful application and direction of a $5000 TUNS research grant.

A group of art and architecture students identified an area in a forest, and together, they designed and built a shelter using non-industrial processes that would last over several years, and could be used through all seasons, using materials solely found within that site. Building on the testing of the Bartel Bridge project, Beaverbank provided an opportunity to test the cladding of a small diameter timber structure over a long-term. Build from local materials, Beaverbrook weathered into its landscape.

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