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Fire Arbour Construction Going Well

Log ring braces continued to be inserted between the trusses in the North section of the Fire Arbour. While those inserted between the top of each taller concrete cylinder followed an arched pattern, those near the ground and at scaffolding heights were horizontal. In the South section of the Fire Arbour, all log ring braces were inserted last week and sheathing for this section started. A 1 x 6 strip of Pine was placed between each pair of trusses, similar to a band in a basket, creating a form against which to bond the sheathing. Strips of Pine were then arranged, cut to fit, and drilled diagonally into the curvature of the section. The installation of sheathing on the upper section of roof proved to be more dangerous so carpenters wore safety harnesses. Once an entire section of sheathing was completed from the ground to the roof, it began to be covered with tar paper and cedar shingles.

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