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Founded in 2001, Lapointe Architects provides superb professional expertise and personable client service to projects that promote environmental consciousness and cultural community.

Lapointe Architects is committed to using green technologies, materials and construction methods, and to matching the appropriate building design with locally available skills and resources. We encourage our clients to commission sustainable projects based on the LEED™ and the Green Globes rating systems. Our work favours building systems that offer optimal sustainable, economic and aesthetic value, such as the use of bent-wood timber, reclaimed lumber and fly-ash concrete.

Our well-rounded portfolio is distinguished by projects that strive to improve community dynamics through the provision of a building that ignites new business and social activity. Such projects include a concession stand on Toronto's waterfront that establishes a year-round public meeting place, and the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Factory, a specialty manufacturing and educational facility in Prince Edward County.

Lapointe Architects approaches each project with wholehearted enthusiasm to find the best aesthetic and sustainable solutions. We support our clients by internalizing their objectives and ensuring that these are addressed with broad technical expertise, excellent design and quality construction. This thoughtful understanding and passion for our work has ensured long-term relationships and the enduring satisfaction of our clients.

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