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Wawa Beachfront Revitalization Plan

Wawa, Ontario

Wawa's municipal government hired Francis Lapointe to complete several projects relating to its waterfront, including the design of a new waterfront beach pavilion in 1991 and the completion of the Wawa Lake Beachfront Development Report in 1993. Many of the recommendations in the report were implemented over the following decade.

The design plan for Wawa's two-kilometre shoreline on Wawa Lake aims to revitalize the Town's waterfront as a public asset. Storm-water sewers were rerouted from the Lake to improve water quality. Additional planting assists in the creation of scenic open space and tempers strong winds off of the water. The inclusion of a drilling rig establishes a focal point for Broadway Avenue and also recalls and celebrates the area's history of gold rush and iron ore mining. The use of locally derived materials such as timber, unfinished wood siding, concrete and sand, integrate the project with its site. The preservation of a historic log house, improvements to the lifeguard station, and a proposed beach pavilion create areas of interest and shelter, as well as nodes for congregation.

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