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Three County Projects Receive a Building Permit

Lapointe Architects is proud to announce that three of our projects have recently been granted a building permit by the Building Department in Prince Edward County. The three residential projects are all situated on ecologically distinct sites, but share one common feature...a view to Lake Ontario. The first site, located just west of Wellington, is set on an 18 ft high limestone cliff containing fossils and overlooking Sandbanks Provincial Park.

The second site, a 22 acre waterfront lot contains seven distinct ecosystems (including two ponds, a gravel beach, a wetland, a hardwood and a softwood forest, a field and an escapement). Through a series of paths and visual cues, the dwelling is to be linked to the site to encourage interaction with the property’s distinct eco-systems.

The third site, a 77 acre agricultural lot that includes productive agricultural fields, a forest and a working vineyard is the setting for Collection House a collection of volumes designed to house a collection of books for two university profs.

Stay tune for more information on these projects as construction progresses.

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