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Chuckery House Preliminary Design Completed

The schematic design for Chuckery House in Prince Edward County is underway. The four-storey, 2300 sf house is located on a steep triangular lot overlooking the Bay of Quinte to the north and Lake on the Mountain to the south. The wood and corrugated metal tower is anchored to the deep limestone cliffs forming the slopes of the hill. This allows the occupants to experience a different view from every floor, sometimes looking down onto the forest canopy while at other times looking thru the forest itself. The driveway, located on the top of the hill on the south side, gives way to a forest path leading directly to a galvanized steel 'draw bridge'. The working 'drawbridge' provides access to the main floor (3rd level) which is surrounded on the west and north by a spectacular cantilevered deck overlooking the valley and Bay of Quinte below. The clients hope to incorporate several sustainable features into the project, including a ground source heat pump, a rain water cistern, photovoltaic panels, recycled and reclaimed construction materials and a unique hot water fireplace. Lapointe Architects will be spending the next few months completing the design development for the project, and construction is slated to start in 18 months, once all approvals are obtained.

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