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Party at Fifth Town!

The Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Factory recently held a Site Review Open House. Shawn and Petra Cooper, the Owners of the facility, decided to invite their neighbours and friends to the Open House to give everyone an opportunity to see the sustainable features of the project first hand, before they are covered up with finishes. Visitors were offered light refreshments in a tented area of the site, followed by brief presentations on highlights of the green building project. More than 150 people took part in the guided tours of the facility, narrated by Francis Lapointe Architect, Peter Knudsen, Contractor and Gordon McAlary, P. Eng. Guest of honour included the Honourable Leo P. Finnegan, Mayor of Prince Edward County as well as the Honourable Leona Dombrowsky, Ontario's Minister of Agriculture and Lyle Van Clief, the former Federal Minister of Agriculture. The weather was fantastic and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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